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About Us

MommyHana began its journey in July 2016, inspired by the aspirations of Puan Hana Shahadan, a young mother committed to enhancing her child’s educational experience without compromising on enjoyment. As a busy wife and mother of three, Puan Hana leveraged her dedication to child development and education to create products that would not only benefit her own children but also cater to the broader needs of parents worldwide. In 2018, the company solidified its commitment to innovation and excellence by becoming MommyHana Creative Sdn Bhd.

From its inception, MommyHana has been guided by the principle of being “trusted parents,” striving to offer products that embody this trust. The company’s mission is to develop solutions that make learning engaging and effective for children, particularly in today’s challenging and globalized society. By 2024, MommyHana aims to reach 50 million users, reflecting its ambitious vision to become a leading brand in children’s technology and fun education.

Puan Hana’s vision was supported by her husband, Encik Mohd Farid bin Mohamed Sangido, known as BossF. With a background as a mechanical engineer at Petronas and a track record of excellence, Encik Farid brought his problem-solving skills to the company. His journey with MommyHana began with the creation of their first product, the Ebook-Ku, an interactive tool designed to provide children with an engaging learning experience.

MommyHana’s leadership team also includes Dato’ Sohaimi Shahadan, a successful entrepreneur in Malaysia, who serves as the Chairman of MommyHana Creative Sdn Bhd. Dato’ Sohaimi’s extensive experience in various industries and his philanthropic efforts, such as founding the “Teratak Che Dah” orphanage, bring a wealth of knowledge and a strong sense of social responsibility to the company.

The company’s product line reflects its commitment to innovative, educational, and fun solutions for children. Products like the Islamic Audio Device, My Fingerprint Book, My Magic Exercise Book, and the Excel Hana chocolate chewable tablets are designed to cater to different aspects of child development, from cognitive skills to religious education. MommyHana continually evolves, introducing new products that leverage cutting-edge technology, such as augmented reality, to enhance the learning experience.

MommyHana’s story is one of passion, dedication, and continuous innovation. With its roots deeply embedded in the values of trust and quality, the company remains focused on creating products that not only meet the educational needs of children but also make learning a delightful experience for both children and their parents.