8 Effects of Gadget Use of Children

You may be wondering, what is the effect of using gadgets on your children?

Undoubtedly gadgets can be a form of entertainment for kids with a wide selection of video games as well as videos on platforms like YouTube.

However, parents are advised to control the use of children’s gadgets at an early age.

In this article, you will find out the effects of gadget use on children as well as better alternatives for your children.


Along with the development of technology, gadgets are now more of a choice for children to be used as tools to do their daily activities.

Parents who expose their children to these gadgets certainly have their own reasons.

Among them is to control the child’s movements and prevent the child from crying.

The use of this gadget definitely has its pros and cons.

Benefits of Using Gadgets

1. Improving English Language Skills
Most of the videos that children watch nowadays are in English.

So, this can indirectly help children improve their English language skills.

Not only speech, but also writing can be improved.

  •  Getting to Know Foreign Cultures

In the video watched by the children there will be an outside culture. This will provide new information or knowledge to children.

  • Easy to understand

Children will easily understand if they learn with videos and images.

If learning without videos and images, children will most likely take some time to understand the learning material.

In addition, this gadget can also help children’s intellectual development and understanding.

  • Motor skills

Apart from learning, motor skills will also be a benefit that children will acquire.

Disadvantages Of Gadget Use To Children

1. Bad Ideology

Videos as well as video games played by children may contain negative and aggressive elements.

Children in the process of intellectual development will be slightly disturbed if such elements are not controlled by the parents.

2. Children Become Passive

The use of this gadget can to some extent affect the active power of children. This is because they are less sociable with the people around them.

Children’s cognitive as well as their social development will be stunted due to lack of exposure to the outside world.

Due to less social with people around, communication skills will also be stunted. This is due to always being with the gadget.

Children will prefer to be alone and also be in a state of silence when in a crowded atmosphere. They choose to interact with gadgets.

3. Cannot Be Independent

Lack of exposure to outsiders as well as to the outside world will interfere with children’s skills.

Children will be more dependent on gadgets to solve any problems encountered.

4. Vision Problems

Excessive use of gadgets can lead to vision problems in children.

This is because they are exposed to excessive light radiation.

5. Loss of Focus

Uncontrolled use of gadgets will disrupt children’s learning.

6. Lack of Sleep

Addiction to using these gadgets should be addressed earlier as this practice will disrupt a child’s sleep time.

There are children who will rebel if their parents do not give gadgets before bed, there are also parents who use gadgets to put children to sleep.

This method should be avoided by parents for the sake of the child’s health.

7. Body Posture Problems

Children who are constantly with gadgets are more likely to experience back pain.

This will happen if their body position is incorrect while using the gadget.

Furthermore, with a lack of exercise activity will also cause the child’s body to become hard. This condition is easy to give the body pain.

8. Tantrum

This tantrum is a situation where children will become aggressive when they can’t get what they want.

For example, they will rebel when unable to use gadgets.

The impact of gadget use on these children is quite troubling.

In conclusion, every action a child takes should be observed by the parents.

These gadgets can do good, but keep in mind, gadgets can also have bad effects on children. So it all started at home. So parents must be sensitive.

Better Alternatives

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2. Islamic Audio Device

Next, you can also gift an Islamic Audio Device. This is a great tool for parents who want to develop the holistic side of their child.

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