7 Best Children’s Books For Your Child

Many readers state their interest in reading is nurtured from an early age especially if their parents started this habit.

Perhaps many parents are wondering since at what age should you start buying your children books?

The answer is – since they were born!

But in the beginning, it was the parents who had to read to them.

The partnership this time is to introduce you to the 7 best children’s books for your child.

At an early age, you need to find a book that is easy to hold and will interest your child.

Among the books that are sure to get your child excited are the ones we list below.

My First Book MommyHana

My First Book MommyHana is perfect for your child aged 3 months to 8 years.

This book is a collaboration with Omar and Hana which is a cartoon that is really close to the hearts of our children.

This book is the result of Mommy Hana who ensures that every aspect of this book meets the needs of your child.

From sight, hearing, to stimulation of your child’s motor behaviors such as touch.

Interestingly, this book is an interactive book that really helps children to learn easily and quickly.

Among the contents of this book are the alphabet (ABC), Hijaiyah letters (Alif, Ba, Ta), limbs, and more.

This book is equipped with 3 languages, namely Malay, English, and Arabic.

My Islamic Book + 4 Magic Book

My Islamic Book + 4 Magic Book is an interactive book that contains basic knowledge and introduction to Islamic education.

This book is suitable for children aged 6 to 12 years.

Among the interesting topics in this book are:

1. Hijaiyah letters
2. Let’s Get to Know the Quran
3. Seat Verses and 4 Qul
4. Pillars of Islam & Pillars of Faith
5. 13 Pillars of Prayer
6. Ways of Ablution ‘
7. Prayer Intentions 5 Times
8. Movement and Reading in Prayer
9. The intention of the Circumcision Prayer
10. Daily prayer
11. The names of the Angels and their Tugaz25 Name of the Apostle
12. Know Our Prophet
13. The months in Islam
14. Male and Female Genitals
15. Manners
16. Animals in the Quran
17. Fruits in the Quran and Sunnah Sports
18. Just like My First Book by Mommy Hana, this book contains interesting illustrations, can sound and its battery is rechargeable.

This book is bilingual, equipped with Malay and Arabic.

If you buy My Islamic Book at Mommy Hana, you will get 4 Free Magic Books.

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  • Dr. Seuss’s Book Collection
    The book collection from Dr. Seuss is an excellent combination of entertainment and education for growing children.

    The illustrations are interesting and the writing style is entertaining which will surely captivate your child’s heart.

    If you want to instill the habit of reading English books in your child, introduce them to Dr. Seuss’s book.

    This is because Dr. Seuss uses simple but core words for your child’s English knowledge.

    Interestingly, there are Dr. Seuss books for every age group of your child, from infants to 12 years old.


  • Spot Series by Eric Hill
    This series is a book about a dog named Spot.

    The books in this series introduce your child to the outside world through the story of Spot’s friendship and adventures.

    Many values are applied in Spot books such as helping each other, desire to learn and curiosity.

    This book is suitable for your children aged 3 and up.


  • Baby Einstein
    The Baby Einstein book collection is suitable for children ages 10 months and up.

    Baby Einstein’s book introduces children to the alphabet, numbers, music, nature and more.

    Full of cute and even colorful photography and illustrations, babies and children love this book.

    Each book has themed activity suggestions related to your child.

    They also have interactive media that accompanies these books such as DVDs.


  • Ladybird Tales
    Ladybird Tales is a collection of books that contain various types of stories such as legends and fairy tales.

    Examples of titles in the Ladybird Tales collection are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Little Red Riding Hood.

    These books will help your children to imagine and increase their creativity and curiosity.

    This book collection is suitable for every age group.
  • Maisy
    Maisy’s books tell the story of a rat named Maisy by Lucy Cousins.

    Many positive teachings and values are applied in each of Maisy’s books.

    The illustrations of the Maisy series are very cute and the choice of bright colors to appeal to babies and young children.

    This book teaches children the basic concepts of life, friendship and adventure through the story of the Maisy rat.

    Reading for children can help their brain development.

    Did you know, even if your child still hasn’t spoken, just by hearing you read, their brain starts to absorb the words you use.

    Indirectly, reading with your child will stimulate their brain to start talking.

    So, no age is too young for you to start buying your kids books.

    The best books for their development are interactive books like the book by MommyHana.

    MommyHana helps children learn in engaging ways with interactive and engaging learning tools.

    By using MommyHana products, parents can spend time teaching and communicating with their children.

    MommyHana also has a variety of other products besides children’s books such as Hana Goat’s Milk and MommyHana’s Islamic Audio Device.

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